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Bomb Cosmetics

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Shower butter 365 ml.

Dragonfruit Shower Butter by Bomb Cosmetics. Cleansing shower butter with the scent of dragon fruit. It contains among others beneficial Shea butter in the composition that perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It also has beneficial, natural essential oils from grapefruit and papaya, which in combination with the scent of dragon fruit create a real aromatherapy in the bathroom. The product under the influence of the heat of the human body spreads nicely on the skin.Its creamy gel is very efficient and lasts for a long time. The cosmetic does not contain SLS or parabens. Not tested on animals.Shower gel.Has a creamy formula.Thoroughly washes and cleanses.Comprehensively moisturizes and nourishes.Has a tempting, fruity fragrance.